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"Stop thinking what is possible and what isn´t. Rise in this moment and just do it. Then you will see what you are capable of."

About me

Alhough I can not see, I dare challenge people to see further than what they expect.

Great challenge

I had to face great challenges in 1996 when I was injured in an accident with explosives. Although I had many excuses to give up on life, I decided to have dreams.  All that without limiting myself to thinking about what is or what is not possible.

Motivational speaking

My aim is to captivate my audience with both humour and seriousness. Based on my own experience I speak about what happens when we are exposed to great challenges.

Often we feel that what we have learned so far is no longer enough, BUT how to create new opportunities when its needed?

To reach our goals it does not always have to be the way we normaly imagine. Maybe we do not try because we are afraid of losing or failing. But right in the moment of a challenge there is always an opportunity to learn something new about ourselves.

"The way of telling his story together with his music is truly uplifting and entertaing at the same time ."
(a participant)

I speak about:

·facing and dealing with challenges in life
·incentives, abilities and inner resources
·self awareness
·humor in the darkest hour
·setting targets accurately
·inspiring travel tales from new perspectives


Some of our satisfied customers:

Would you like to get inspired? Book a presentation for your team building event, cultural event, training camp or any kind of events and enrich yourself,  your company or your employees by this unique experience.


The guitar, a plumbers tape and a new chord.

"They say Do not give up and keep on trying... But I say You do give up. You give up many times. But then, you keep on trying."  

Music can be experienced in many ways. My desire is that you - the listener - can enjoy it in the very moment, as it all comes through me just like that. My experience is how creativity can continue to be expressed even if it doesnt seem it is possible, just in ways you did not see yet. 


"Rickard has a family today, traveled to countries in Asia and South America. He runs his business with the goal of inspiring and sharing his experience. This all is there to show us what we really can accomplish when we start using the abilities that are dormant within ourselves."

Roman, Slovakia





Only the way changes